Friday, August 21, 2015

fun and games

one of the items on the venture vermont challenge (why, yes. i am going to talk about this a lot.) is to play a game outside. if you are a grownup and you spend most of your outdoor leisure time biking or paddling or some other such thing in which you are not hanging around and you did not bring toys or even other people, this item can be a bit tricky.

last year i played dominoes between a mountain bike and lunch with my friend barb, who is very accommodating in this regard.

this year i thought it would be a snap to play a game of something while we were out camping and saturday afternoon barb wondered if we could play dominoes, but it turned out that i had left my emergency dominoes at home.

yes, i have emergency dominoes. if you've ever been holed up at a campsite during a storm, you understand the value of emergency dominoes.

anyway, i did not have my emergency dominoes even though i was outdoors and had an actual live person willing to play a game.

but we are nothing if not resourceful.

and when barb ordered us pizza to eat friday night, the pizza came with some nice plates.
...which can be cut into reasonably serviceable flying rings.

...which you can play ring toss with, and then you can break the whole game down and use it to kindle your fire.


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