Friday, August 14, 2015

scavenger hunt

it's game time, boys and girls!

now you can play the flask nature scavenger hunt!

downloadble googledoc

flask’s nature scavenger hunt

please provide photographic evidence and necessary text explanations that you have found the following (one point each, unless noted):

  • a grass
  • a sedge
  • a rush

BONUS: find a grass, a sedge AND a rush for an extra 2 points.

  • a high water line
  • a browse line
  • a fire line
  • abandoned fishing line

BONUS: find all four for 6 extra points.

  • a heart-shaped rock
  • anything that forms a smilie face

BONUS: if the smilie face is naturally occurring, take an additional 5 points

  • a tree growing in the shape of the letter “Y”.

BONUS: 1 additional point for each additional letter you can find.

  • a plant species not native to your area, growing wild (1 point for each, maximum 10)
  • an invasive species (plant or animal) in your area (1 point each, maximum 10)
  • an edible plant species growing wild (1 point each, maxiumum 10)
  • an edible plant species growing feral (1 point each, maximum 10)

  • evidence that a manmade structure has been modified or moved by nature
  • evidence that a natural feature has been modified by human activity
  • evidence that a manmade structure was originally sited with consideration for natural objects or phenomena
  • evidence of a manmade structure reclaimed by nature

you are not required to find every item in order to participate. prizes will be given for most points and any other categories flask deems necessary. submission deadline is 1 september 2015, and i’m assuming that if you have a copy of this list, you know how to send me your entry. yes, you may make an album on googleplus or flickr or what-have-you, but if i have to log onto facebook, no dice.

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