Wednesday, August 19, 2015

trail food / house food

i needed something delicious and portable for eating during the bitter pill.

i know, some of the elite teams just go on bars and stuff, but barb and i are slow and old and even though the race itself is long and uncomfortable, we like to stop and eat real actual food, because of both nutrition and mood boost.

even if you are tired and your feet hurt and it's humid and too warm and you think you might have just missed the feature that was going to put you on the ridge where you wanted, a little rest and some delicious food goes a long way.

they're also good for eating at home, so make a couple of batches.

i made up a batch of ginger baked tofu and also some garlic peanut noodles. i did a light asian style cucumber pickle and simmered some shiitake mushrooms in master sauce. i rolled those things in rice wrappers with some greens and shredded carrots and there you have it. salts, sugars, proteins, and starches along with refreshing vegetables in an easy to carry, easy to eat package.

delicious, nutritious, and soul-restoring.

you really need that last part when you're out in the nowheres heading uphill.

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