Monday, August 17, 2015

detailed camp menu

see, now, this is really super because i don't go camping in the summer very often, so all of the things you do CAMPING on the venture vermont challenge are kind of closed off to me on that account.

but this weekend i'm going kayak camping!!!

(ok, by the time you read this i will already be home, but still.)

and one of the items on the checklist is to prepare a detailed camp menu.


friday night:

large pizza, two toppings.
toasted marshmallows on campfire if desired

saturday morning:

breakfast beverage
breakfast casserole (foil packets)

saturday noon:

leftover pizza
roasted sweet corn

saturday evening:

roasted sweet corn
brussels sprouts
hasselback potatoes
salmon fillets
asparagus spears
toasted marshmallows with caramels

sunday morning:

breakfast beverage
breakfast casserole (foil packets)

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