Sunday, August 16, 2015


yes, i HAVE gotten to be fifty years old without ever having made an enchilada.

so my little friend flurgh advised me.

back up, back up.

it was a horrible hot week and i did not want to make freezer burritos, and i said flurgh! flurgh! i have some flour tortillas! what should i do?

and flurgh said do you have cheese?

so that is how i learned to make quesadillas.

and then the next week i was doing the shoppings and i picked up some corn tortillas and some enchilada sauce and we were off and running.

i fried up my toritllas on both sides like flurgh said, which makes them rollable.

and i put in a little pit of beans, an asparagus spear, some FRESH SWEET CORN, and cheese.

and then into the pan with the sauce and into the oven and oh, my, good.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

never had quesadillas or enchiladas huh?
Are you American? yes smart ass remark intended.
it's fun discovering new careful, that's an extra bike ride for sure. :-)

flask said...

it's not that i've never HAD them, peg. just never MADE them.


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