Tuesday, August 11, 2015


the kind of television i like best is the kind of television i can keep on in the background while i do other things.

i have a problem with pain, and sometimes a problem with discipline. it's hard for me to concentrate on household tasks until they're done, and television provides an excellent structure for getting stuff done.

i can sit on the sofa or at my project table until a commercial comes on and then i'm all domestic goddess until the commercial is over. the BEST kind of show for this is is something with a plot that's kind of predictable and has distinctive enough voices so you can follow the story even if you come back from the washing machine late and miss a segment.

basically: crime procedurals.

so today i turned on my TV (coz i got STUFF to do!) and will and grace was on, so i flipped to the nearest crime procedural in which episode eric mccormack is being grilled about the murder of a call girl he admitted to hiring and for a few minutes i was really disoriented.

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