Tuesday, August 25, 2015

draw a map

it's no secret that i like maps. one of the items on this year's venture vermont challenge is to "draw a map of your favorite natural area"  and there's a bonus of "draw a map of your favorite hiking trail".

i may be stretching the rules just slightly here, because these trails are multi-use (ski, snowshoe, run, bike, hike), but this summer i made an exhaustive and zoomable interactive map of the entire honkin' trail system at catamount outdoor family center, which is a jewel of preserved greenspace in williston.

i drew this map with the help of a sweet set of free online mapping tools, and i drew both using GPS and satellite imagery. the trail map is keyed to show singletrack (blue) and doublewide (dark blue), and it can be put on a number of map backgrounds, including topo maps.

i'm working on a downloadable .GPX version of the trails that can be put on people's handheld devices for live navigation, and i am also working on a version that color codes the trails according to terrain and difficulty.

so, yeah.

map drawing.

it's what i do.

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