Tuesday, August 30, 2016


ok, so on the venture challenge it says Make a rope out of natural plant fiber (10 pts), but of course i couldn't just make a little cordage and call it a day.

because if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.

so i had to learn all about natural fiber cordage. i gathered daylilly leaved. i gathered stringy bark. i gathered milkweed. just for the record, your bathtub is not the ideal location for retting milkweed. or anything, really.

i made cord from daylilly, from milkweed, from corn silk, from corn husk, and tried to make it out of knotweed.

daylilly makes a lovely strong cord that is easy to work with. corn silk (i only did this casually) makes a soft stringy cord that dries to a loose rope. you could maybe turn it into something with a little effort. corn HUSKS are difficult to work with, but the cord they make is strong and pliable. milkweed makes a nice fuzzy grey cord, and actually maybe i am going to learn to make and use a drop spindle to work with those fibers.

knotweed is not well-suited for cordage, i don't think.

and only tangentially related, check this out:

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