Friday, August 05, 2016

detailed camp menu

there is a real difference between your detailed camp menu and what you actually eat at camp, especially if you are camping alone and doubly so if you are staying more than a day or so.

because "oh, is it raining too hard to bother with a fire?" means no baked potato tonight.

anyway, there's an item on the challenge to Prepare a detailed camp menu for your camping (10 pts), so i thought i'd give it a go.

day 1:

(2 meals)

graze only (sandwich meat, assorted fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and crackers)

day 2:

breakfast: breakfast beverage
2d breakfast: overnight oatmeal
lunch: graze
dinner: stuffed mushroom caps, baked potato, roasted corn

day 3:

breakfast: breakfast beverage
2d breakfast: oatmeal
lunch: graze
dinner: lasagna (foil packets), baked potato, corn

day 4:

(original plan)
breakfast: beverage
2d breakfast: oatmeal
lunch: graze, with avocado halves and italian dressing
dinner: stuffed mushroom caps, corn, potato

(what actually happened)
breakfast: beverage
2d breakfast: oatmeal
lunch: your friend arrives with box sushi and chips.  woohoo!
dinner: too tired to think about it. stuff two slices of salami and some cheese in your mouth and call it good.

days 5 -12:

some meals get cooked, but maybe you have roasted corn at three in the afternoon and a baked potato at six. maybe you forget to eat second breakfast until early afternoon. maybe you've just lost the discipline of mealtimes and eat whatever you have the energy for  if you happen to feel hungry. nobody's waiting for you for dinner. relax, dude. you're not starving, not by a long shot.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Back in the good ole days when I camped there was nothing like sushi but then I don't eat that stuff. But there was always breakfast and everything else planed usually ended up being like your "what really happened" on day 4. :-) Happy weekend flask.


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