Thursday, August 04, 2016

one quiet morning

on the venture challenge it says Sit outside for thirty minutes and write down every sound you hear (10 pts).

i did this one one of the other years, and the hardest part about it was finding a relatively bug-free time to do that.

but when i am out camping on the res, i find myself just sitting and listening a LOT, if not writing lists. it's like, the thing i do every morning.

so one fine day i was sitting in my chair in the morning and my paper for writing was nearby, so i figured it would be a good time to so this.

now, often on the res there are a lot of things to listen to; there are water noises and wind noises and the noises of boaters and campers but this particular morning was unusually still, and maybe because of atmospheric conditions sound was dampened, because there were things i could see (for instance a passing paddler) whose paddle strokes i would have been able to hear on most days, but on this day were silent and so are not on the list.

bit of a surprise, really.


waterbury reservoir
0700 friday 22 july 2016

00:00 assorted unidentified bird noises that continue
00:59 blue jay
01:22 hummingbird
02:04 red squirrel rustling leaves
03:16 chickadee call
04:20 chickadee song
04:46 red squirrel call / boat put in across lake
05:14 chickadee song
05:45 chickadee call
08:11 plane overhead (high)
08:38 chickadee call
10:58 pine needles falling
12:26 red squirrel call
12:43 red squirrel climbing tree
15:55 distant traffic
20:41 bullfrog
21:14 distant truck traffic
22:11 creak of my shoe
24:15 distant road noise
25:41 pine needles falling on tarp
26:14 overhead aircraft
27:35 red eyed vireo
29:46 red squirrel call (mid-distance)

1 comment:

Zhoen said...

I remember doing that one a few years ago. Lots of traffic sounds, but plenty of other textures and subtleties as well.


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