Saturday, August 27, 2016

food cooked on a campfire

i'm kind of lazy when it comes to camp cooking. i am not so much in love with sitting by a fire unless it's necessary to stay warm and it gets dark early, and i really need only an hour or so of cooking time if i'm going to bake a potato, but that involves an hour or so of building a fire, so if you want to eat a baked potato at five, you'd best stop whatever else it was you were doing and start building your fire around three, and that can be a hassle.

by the same token, roast sweet corn is one of the chief pleasures of life, but you have to have good coals for your five minutes of actual cooking.

recently i discovered fire roasted eggplant. the articles i was seeing on the interwebs all involved eggplant on your grill at home, but i didn't see any reason you couldn't toss a whole eggplant next to a fire and turn it occasionally until the outer skin was charred, which turns out is the traditional way to do it because SO easy.

fire roasted eggplant is delicious. you cut open the charred shell and scoop out the lovely smoky cooked insides. i ate mine plain and i ate the leftovers mixed with some salt and cider vinegar. you could bring tahini and make baba ganoush.

anyway, delicious. and easy. that's what i like.

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