Wednesday, August 03, 2016

hammock weaving

so last fall i decided that this winter i should make a paracord hammock, because that would be really sweet on a campsite.

so i had to learn how to do it.

i looked at a lot of youtube videos, but i settled on this method because i liked the idea of a weave instead of knotting, which has less flexibility and involves more cord cutting.

that thing about cutting is really, really important because if you don't really know how to do this, you may have to make several tries (i needed five) and the less you cut up your cord the more you can reuse it.

first i had to learn to make decent chain sinnet, which is that border chain the guy uses. so that took a while. probably on another post?) THEN i had to figure out how to make a jig in my basement, and instead of this guy's fancy setup, i went with nails in a half-finished wall.

also duct tape.

no matter how much you watch this guy's video, it take a while to understand HOW to turn the rows and how the whole thing is supposed to come together.

i got the hang of it, though.

sinnet hanging on wall
closeup of sinnet
first row getting laced in
there was a lot of this.

about to come off the jig
this is how it hangs

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