Sunday, August 28, 2016

tarp clips

here's a gear review. in the spirit of full disclosure, i will say that i was not given any of these, and nobody requested me to do a review.

i bought these things because they were pretty cheap and had the potential to be useful.

i love them.

these things.

view at amazon. sure.

sometimes when i put up two tarps to make one big tarp the grommets don't line up exactly where i need them to to make the whole thing trim. ok, not sometimes. every damn time. and i considered it just the cost of doing business. but then i saw these things in a sidebar while i was looking for some other camping supplies and they weren't expensive so i said "what the heck?" and bought some.

they worked pretty well under moderately high winds just clipped on regular, but after about ten days with high gusts, the tarp pulled out, a situation that was easily remedied by making a little roll in the tarp. you could put a little stick in there if you wanted.

or you could just put it back up again. whatever.

anyway, they are cheap, durable, and very handy. and your anchor point is never in the wrong place again.

yeah, yeah, i know you can sort of do the same thing with a marble and some cord, but i like these things.

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