Sunday, May 21, 2017

i have no idea how old they are.

last week i was up on the campus of champlain college (ingress, duh) which is just a block or two out of downtown (ahem) burlington and near the end of the day i saw three young women walking along wearing gown and mortarboard, which made my heart happy, and i told them so.

but since the campus of champlain college is abuts the UVM main campus and there's no shortage of high schools in the area or even other colleges, it's hard to tell where they were going.

plus i can't tell the difference between high school kids and college kids these days. i mean, yeah, i can usually tell the fourteen year olds from the twenty-one year olds, but really it's a crapshoot.

i'm thinking back to that time i nearly asked that new english teacher for her hall pass.

because she looked like she COULD have been one of the juniors and if she was in the hall at that time, she needed a pass.

so anyway, here's this.

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