Wednesday, May 03, 2017

recipe: flask's ramps and pasta

because there has been absolutely no demand for this, i am making a separate entry for this recipe:

flask's ramps and pasta

the tricky bit is having ramps. ideally you or someone you know has picked these from the woods in a sustainable fashion. seriously, this is important because ramps are a slow-growing ephemeral and while common, they are on the decline throughout their range because of overharvesting.

got ramps? good. get yourself the best fresh pasta you can find. ramps deserve good pasta.

ok, while your pasta is cooking (i recommend something in the long and thin category; maybe a linguine or fettucini?), hot up some butter in a pan. remember that your pasta water should be salty. i should not have to tell you this, but it is particularly important in a recipe where you are not goign to add other seasonings.

when the butter is hot (maybe even brown it a little), toss in the ramps cut into pieces of the size you would like to eat. then cook them down until they get wilty. is your pasta done yet? good. drain it, but reserve a cup or so of the cooking liquid.

now put some MORE butter in the pan and just let it get melty. put as much of the pasta as you are going to eat in there with the butter and ramps and mix it up. tongs are handy here.

then pour some of the pasta water in the pan and let the sauce thicken up. boom, you're done.

eat a big mess of it as a meal, or maybe serve it as a side to a nice piece of fish or something. it looks festive with salmon.

i have no idea how it does as leftovers, because as hard as i tried, there were none left over.

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