Monday, May 22, 2017

open letter to some bees

dear those bees who tried to build a nest in the stuffsack at the foot of my hammock,

i know it looks like a great place to build a home, but it's not. it just isn't. it isn't even about that it's MY hammock and i'm allergic to beesting, although those things are certainly true but really it's about this is not a permanent structure and when i take my hammock down in a few days' time you'll be glad you didn't invest all that energy in building here.

i'm sorry you didn't all get the memo and i regret the inconvenience caused by an entire afternoon slapping the stuffsack with nylon webbing in order to keep you and your sisters from landing comfortably. congratulations on your dedication and persistence. i'm sure that will be an asset to all of the future endeavors of your colony.

good luck to you and all your sisters.


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