Wednesday, May 24, 2017

symphony of frogs

last week sometime there was this big storm with lightning and wind and all that and just as it was getting dark there was the SYMPHONY OF FROGS which, to be totally accurate involved at least one species of toad.

did you know that the standard american toad is a big singer? i did not. apparently the way you can tell the trill of an american toad from that of tree frogs is that a tree frog's trill lasts a few seconds. a toad goes on for half a minute or so. and each guy has his own note.

also, because toads are terrestrial, they are more likely to be ALL AROUND YOU in the forest which leads to some rather stunning surround sound.

it's a nightly thing, if it's warm enough.

bless 'em.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

When I lived in Seattle near this pond it was a symphony of frogs.
First time I had heard anything like that. And then something outside would happen and they would all stop instantly. And then begin again. We could only hear this from our bedroom and as we'd lay in bed listening to this. For some reason we found it comforting after awhile.


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