Saturday, May 27, 2017


ramp season is over by now but yah-boo, i did go crazy with it.

i think i told you about the ramps and pasta, which by the way is delicious leftover in a pan fried up into scrambled eggs. i don't think i told you about the ramps and potatoes (look for a recipe later), the ramp pesto, the teeny little ramp quiches, the ramp omelette, or the twice baked ramp potatoes.

i've told you about teeny little quiches before, but this time i just made them with chiffonaded ramp leaves and can i tell you? delicious. plus it's a good way to preserve ramps into the summer, plus you have a freezer full of delicious teeny little quiches you can eat when convenient.

i don't think i have pics of the other things, but later on i may tell you the recipes, more or less.

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