Tuesday, May 30, 2017

out with no time to spare

the res was a zoo memorial day weekend.

or more specifically,  it was cold and rainy on friday and then the sun came out and the crazy started on saturday and then it got warm on sunday and everyone was out there. waterskiers, powerboaters, tubers, swimmers, canoeists, kayakers, people fishing. they came in waves, first the early fishermen, then the morning boaters, and then the huge undulating wave of rental boats and boards from waterbury center state park. that was particularly interesting on account of the unusually high number of those folks who were first time paddlers combined with higher than usual wake from powerboats and in general wall-to-wall people.

on an off day you might be mistaken for thinking the res is a wilderness.

not this weekend.

the weather forecast said nice weather right through to monday morning, and then days and days of rain. smart thing might have been to pack up sunday and beat it, but way too nice and i'd have had to fight through that sea of people with all my gear.

i decided to play weather roulette and go home monday. every forecast i checked said rain possible at ten , for sure by noon. they kept saying it, other things about the forecast changed but that one thing stayed the same.

now, it takes four hours for me to strike camp properly, load the gear up, and paddle a short distance. it takes another hour to unload the boats and load the car. i woke at six.

the rain started almost the minute i had tied off the last strap and gotten in the car.

it's going to rain mostly for a week.

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