Saturday, August 21, 2010

clocking in

well, here's july.  if you're susan, you may notice that i was at your blog, which you know i read, but here's proof.

it's still weird, this snapshot life. it does document what i was doing every thirteen hours, but it does not necessarily represent what i did in a day. maybe there's a really cool shot of me on a mountaintop or i was at a really beautiful place, but if it didn't happen when the alarm went off, it's not in the video. in terms of the project, it does not matter one bit if i just walked in the door from something cool and i am now checking my email; if that's what i'm doing at thirteen hours, that's what i'm doing.

july was a hard month for me. if you're following along you already know that i spent time in a sort of halfway house, so you can see that if you look closely. you can't see much of my vacation, because the shots happened to come up mostly during times i was in my motel room.

there's one shot i couldn't figure out what it was, until i tried to figure it out by what day it was taken.

....oh. i remember that day. i cried for hours, so hard i couldn't sit in a chair, so hard my nose bled.

and my alarm went off to take a picture and where was i?

under my desk. i couldn't talk, but somehow i managed to take a picture.

so. have look, if you like.

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