Thursday, August 19, 2010

end of an era

i know you've heard me say that i hold the all time record for most consecutive last place finishes in this trail run series, but what i think i've never mentioned is that i also hold the all-time second place record for most consecutive starts in this mountain biking series, which is held on the same course. the all-time first place record for most consecutive starts belongs to crashco.

crashco has taken a start in every race in that series since 1998.

...until last night.

last night he was on vacation. this time he decided that after 25 years of marriage he was finally going to take a vacation when mrs. crashco wants to go on vacation, and nevermind the race schedule. God bless him.

this means, of course, that next year a week from now i will have passed him and the record will belong to me. although it will be cool to hold that record, it was cooler for some reason to be second to him in it. it was cooler that we were both deadlocked on a streak that nobody else was ever going to touch.

in nearly unrelated news, last friday i bought a present for crashco. we do not celebrate each other's birthdays, nor do we exchange gifts at the usual times. it's not that we're not close (we are very close), but that we prefer to make presents to each other "because it's tuesday" or "i saw something you'd like."

this is a very pleasing way to exchange gifts over the years, as it sets up no expectations and sure livens up a tuesday or whatever odd day you get the present.

so i was out last friday and saw a vendor selling a maple liqueur and although it got my attention i wouldn't have given it two thoughts but one of the women working the ALS association booth bought a bottle and i tasted a little from cr's cup and it was very fine stuff and that brings us back to crashco, because if it's real maple, he's all over it.

so i bought him a bottle.  i'll probably give it to him next tuesday.

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Soph! said...

That's sweet! I think it's nicer to get gifts just because rather than for a specific reason


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