Thursday, August 12, 2010


two days ago i was coming down college street in burlington and there was a guy with a trailer blocking the intersection. he had a red light, so now nobody can go down college street. his light turned green and he still went nowhere, but one might have hoped it was just a delay as sometimes happens, so i, as the first driver in line waiting at the opposing right, entered the intersection along with the drivers behind me, expecting him to move.

he did not. now we are three cars blocking the intersection from the opposing direction.

two light cycles later, the trailer is still no farther along, and college street is still completely blocked off.  now battery street is blocked, too. nobody is going either direction along battery or lake for a block either way.

two more light cycles later, the trailer moves JUST enough to permit traffic coming down college to squeeze around him, allowing the traffic on battery to move in one lane, at least. the people coming up college were out of luck, but i don't know how it all came out.

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