Tuesday, August 31, 2010

unrelated things

my ginger ale came out and it is AWESOME. you can find the recipe for it here. i used the actual brewed method.

yesterday and today i made four dozen teeny little quiches. they are also awesome and if you are very nice to me, i will tell you about them later.

today i ran across a cool site that tracks annual migrations (wildlife, not my dad and his tribe from here to florida every year). it's mostly geared for students, but it has some awesome maps and you should go there, especially if you like monarch butterflies, which i do.

and last on my list (cleaning off my desk), here is an awesome image. be sure to zoom and scroll to really see it. go ahead and look at the blog entry if you want, but it's the image i'm wild about.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You are such an interesting character. Ginger ale huh? I don't care for ginger ale but the fact that you made your own pop is pretty cool. I am not a pop drinker so it would never occur to me.

And the image is pretty cool, the hours that went into this would be maddening to me.

And I must admit that Miss Simpleton here much prefers staring at the header on that blog. Something about the water does it for me!


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