Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my internet meme

i think i've mentioned that i read a lot of blogs. and i have feeds from a lot of sites that aren't strictly blogs. one little piece of dreck i've noticed is the thirty day blogging program and i can't possibly figure what the benefit to this is, or why this is interesting, but there are a lot of these little programs out there.

typically they go like this: "i saw this cute little thirty day blogging challenge over at (insert cute blog name here) and thought it sounded like tons of fun. so here goes..."

invariably the thirty items are all the same questions or tasks as every other "challenge", and of course they all want you to link back to them. apparently three things are in operation: there are a lot of people with nothing to say, a lot of people who want you to link to them saying nothing, and a lot of people who want advice on how to do those two things.

so here's my handy thirty-day blogging challenge:

day 1: introduce the challenge. link to MEEEEEEE!
day 2: it's your blog. write what you want. include a picture if you like. that'll look nice.
day 3: that was a good start. now do it again.
day 4: see where i'm going with this?

don't forget to link to MEEEEEEEEEE!

1 comment:

Soph! said...

Lol. that's going around right now. I loved your take on it. made me laugh


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