Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i just can't keep up

last night on my run i couldn't keep up with a seven-year-old girl. to the good, i managed to run the whole thing in under fifty minutes, that while not fast by any standard in the world of runners, makes it on average sixteen minute miles, which for me is blazing fast.

i was in some fancy pain, too; not the worst pain i've ever experienced, but definitely top five. but pain or not, i at least felt strong, which counts for a lot.

for today i'd like to leave you with a really cool interactive infographic regarding relative ranking of the world's countries. last week a friend asked me if i couldn't live here in the US, where would i live? without skipping a beat, i said "canada". and then maybe two seconds later, "maybe finland."

so i feel kind of vindicated on that, as if picking right somehow makes me a star.

and now that i'm done tossing unrelated stuff into a blog post (a thing i've never done, right?), here's the thing i was actually going to tell you about today, so i can get it off my desktop: this is possibly the best rant on the use of the apostrophe that i've ever read. ok, ok, so i don't use capital letters and all that, but otherwise i'm all about grammar and i really wish i could tell you that i've never interrupted a moment of passion to comment on the proper use of the semicolon, and maybe i have some unorthodox sentence structure but i assure you it's a style choice and that the words "pronoun referent" come up in my social interactions, so i've read quite a few things about the apostrophe.

so what are you still doing here? go read it.

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