Tuesday, August 17, 2010

if you're susan

this is the rock i picked for susan.
if you're susan, you will understand why you're mentioned here. if you're cr, you understand why we were at this place, but you're probably mystified and too polite to ask: "who's susan?"
this is where we went to throw the rocks in.
this is the view upstream.

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Susan Palwick said...

What a beautiful rock! Thank you so much. I love the shape of it, which is almost like the shape of a person as drawn in a petroglyph, and the two not-quite-parallel lines running across it. To me, those lines mean, "we may be separated now, but we'll meet again."

Gorgeous spot on the river, too. What a healing place, and what a blessing to be able to be there!

You continue to be in my prayers.


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