Tuesday, August 10, 2010

mount washington

i believe i told you that when i had processed my mt. washington pictures i'd post them so you can look.

at the end of last month my mom sent me on a short vacation to gorham, nh, which turned out to be just the thing. my first full day there i thought maybe i'd do some touristy things and decided to make my way (via some geocaches) over to the mt. washington auto road.

the fee you pay to drive that road seemed rather expensive to me, but in the end it was worth every penny. the road itself is fun to drive and the scenery is stunning and it gave me a chance to go up there and hang out on the mountain without having to walk all the way up, which was fine with me.

once i was up there i walked about a half mile down the tuckerman ravine trail, and that took me a couple of hours. it's slow going with my knees, and a half mile was plenty for me, thanks. going up was much easier and took less time and it's the kind of terrain where you can tell by how people move who has good knees and who hasn't.

back up at the top i had time to wander around and look at stuff and in general just have a good time, achy feet and knees and all.

the pictures are posted over in their usual place, so you can go look at them there if you like.

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