Friday, October 01, 2010

from the south end

i know i make a lot of promises to tell you about one thing or another, but the good news is that eventually i get around to it.

about three weeks ago i went with cr and mr. cr to the south end art hop before catching a little dinner and then heading uphill to the dance at edmunds.

it was an awesome dance and i danced with this rioutous guy who had all kinds of style and made me laugh right out loud from the happiness of dancing with him and it was a super dance anyway with lots of whirlygigging and couples moving in and out and if you're a big fan of geometry (i am), sometimes you wish you could just watch the whole thing from the ceiling.

...which i almost do anyway, because at some point i just give up on the whole idea of retaining any spatial awareness and just rely on the set and that charming man (whoever he is this dance) to get me through it all right and my pupils dilate and i'm giddy from it and for that ten minutes i am so totally in love with that one guy and he looks in my eyes and grins as if to say yeah, you like that.


down on the south end while things were still calm (inasmuch as the art hop can be calm) we got to visit the studio of zoë ink, a very nice young (don't they all seem young these days?) letterpress artist and she printed off a bunch of cute little bookmarks for each of us while we watched, which was really, really cool and i know letterpress is all the rage these days and if you're reading a lot of blogs you may notice an awful lot of ladies going on about cute little letterpress designs and linking to them in the one-giant-happy-community-of-bloggy-goodness-what-can-i sell-to-create-readership-and-clickthroughs way that they have, so yoo-hoo! ladies! are you lovin' this? isn't this cute?

uh, anyway. zoë let me take video of her at her press and then later when i was looking up her website i noticed that she links to daria bishop photographers, which kind of answers the question for me: what's andy doing since he retired?

daria (and apparently andy) is a real live professional photographer. it can safely be said that she knows how to use her camera in manual mode, and her work is featured on the cover of the autumn issue of vermont life, a magazine you may have heard of. awesomely, the people in the picture on the cover are friends of mine and that's how i know andy: through them.

there. are we all caught up? i'm going to go make brownies. maybe later i'll tell you about them.


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