Monday, April 02, 2012


once a year or so i buy beer.

it's not a secret here that i went to ithaca college, and when i go back to ithaca i sometimes pick up some beer for crashco, because he likes small breweries.

and the ithaca beer company makes some fine beers, and they have a nice variety twelve pack.

so i'm in the checkout lane with my groceries and the cashier asks me for my driver's license. at first i'm really confused, because i have never been asked for my driver's license when i get groceries before.

and then it dawns on me.

oh. you're carding me? really?

so i show her my driver's license and i giggle the whole time, because i'm a lot closer to 50 than i am to 21 and really if we're going to be up front about it, i'm a lot closer to 50 than i am to 40.

made my day.

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