Friday, April 20, 2012

old, fat and slow

well, you can't do anything about the first one, but the other two are at least partly in your control.

i STILL haven't lost an ounce (not an ounce!) but i am stronger and looking trimmer, which is really the goal anyway.

actually, the goal has nothing to do with appearance. my goal never has anything to do with appearance. i wash my hair before i go to bed and sleep on it wet. the only time i care what i look like is if i'm going to something like a funeral and i wish to show respect by looking presentable.

a long time ago i was standing in front of a class and i took off the hat i'd been wearing and a kid in the front row piped up to say "you really DON'T care about your hair, do you?" and half the class held its breath to see how i'd respond to this possible insult, and the other half laughed, knowing i would laugh too.

so the real reason i would like to lose weight is because no matter how powerful you are, extra weight is extra weight. i want to feel lithe and light and strong again. someday i want to be state champion again. it won't be too hard if i can get back in shape, since my goal is to do it in the over 60 age group, so i have a few years to get in shape, and let's face it: usually only two or three girls show up for that race anyway, and often only one finishes.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

state champ in running?
Good for you.

I wish I could be like you.
I care about my hair way too much.
And you won't catch me running unless on fire or being chased.

flask said...

no, sorry. i wasn't clear about that.

i was a state champion in cross-country mountain biking.

i hope to be again some day.

Givinya De Elba said...

Hi flask! You've left some lovely comments over at my blog! Thankyou, and I'll attempt to live up to them. I too don't care about my appearance, and sleep on wet hair with the thought that if it's ugly, I don't have to look at it myself. It's the rest of the poor people in my life who have to see it. Woo. Sux to be them, I think.


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