Sunday, April 29, 2012

lunch at my house

it isn't very exciting, but it is delicious:

i saw this recipe for eggs and kale on toast and since at the time i happened to have a bunch of kale (i had never bought kale- this one came to me as a hand-me-down) and i went right ahead and made it.

it now figures in my favorites.

i modify it a little, serving it on english muffins, which are my preferred toast. and i have used both fresh lemon juice and bottled lemon juice; both work just fine. similarly, you can use fresh garlic or garlic-from-a-jar.  i play kind of fast and loose with the actual amounts, and i have not found that i have reached the quantity of garlic that is too much, but there IS a point at which the lemon juice is way too much, so be prudent.

today i went ahead and tossed some miso in the pan with the greens, and it was yummy.

good and good for you.

eat more kale.

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