Tuesday, April 24, 2012

rose red

last monday at catamount i shed my first blood of the season.  i cut a corner too narrow and fended against a tree with my right forearm, so i have a pretty big scrape there.

it didn't seem like much at the time, so i didn't wash it out immediately, but it turns out it was a pretty dirty tree and there's some stuff in there which means it's sore. it's healing fine, but i underestimated the depth and dirtiness of the scrapes, figuring it wasn't worth bandaids and cream.

it may still not have been worth it, but i get to think about it pretty close for a few days yet. it looks very nice along with the bruises from this friday.

in other news, i'm ready to show you a thing that came off my worktable last week.

a while ago i saw a bunch of posts about duct tape roses which made the rounds about valentine's day. i thought they would be cool to make, so i got me some duct tape and started making them. the first few were really hard, but i got the hang of it, and they're something you can do while you're watching TV.

i found some online tutorials for it, but this one is my favorite:

so i got to work on them, and had enough to bring them to my mom's for everyone at easter, plus the secret project i was working on, related to the pennies.

here are my photos of some of mine.

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