Thursday, April 19, 2012

what you ask for

a number of years ago i wrote to the admissions office at ithaca college asking for a poster i could put on the wall of my classroom.

you know, because in college admissions they HAVE those sorts of things to send out.

and it seemed like a perfectly reasonable request; i am a graduate of the school of music there, and i got a top-drawer education and i was working as a music teacher in the public schools and thought my classroom would be a nice place for an IC poster.

they very promptly sent me back a lovely package containing some glossy brochures and a t-shirt. granted, it's a very nice t-shirt and one of my favorites to this day, but not exactly what i asked for, and doesn't even meet the purpose of the thing i asked for.

i just shake my head.

anyway, the video of the last home choir concert (which actually is the Last Home Choir Concert- don't get me started) is posted, so you can watch it if you like.

The Listserve went live last night, and i got my first email from it. i do not think i am going to be disappointed. you can sign up, too.

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