Sunday, April 01, 2012

whatever happened to red?

do you remember when duct tape was just duct tape? and people didn't make wallets and bracelets and from gowns from it? when duct tape came in ubiquitous silver, like ductwork? it was the dominant decorative motif in my grandfather's house.

and if you wanted other colors, you got elecrtical tape (black) or florist's tape (green) or gaffer's tape (still the most awesome), which came in fancy colors. and then there were other, utilitarian colors for duct tape.

and then it became a crafting thing.


granted, i was looking for it for a craft project, but i just wanted red. red and green.


except the packages say "cha cha cherry", "clover", and "merlot".


apparently it also comes in jayhawk.

1 comment:

slow motion said...

What had happened was(Lol)the same thing that happened to real customer service and real education.check out IS ANYBODY THERE?(Im so over it),that's what happened to red.Im sorry and i feel your pain!!


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