Tuesday, October 30, 2012

day after landfall

there's no doubt about it if you look at the maps: sandy is a HUGE storm.  usually what happens when a hurricane makes landfall on the eastern seaboard it goes inland and eventually trails along and gets to us later as a tropical depression.

this storm is so big that when it came ashore, we did not need to wait for it to trail around. we actually got the outer edges of the thing which this far north meant a lot of wind and some rain.

later on as the storm tracks its way around where it's going we'll get the center of it after its downgrade, which means that later on there will be a great deal of rain.

my roof is damaged, but it's nothing like the monster as it hit new york.  did you guys SEE the video of the power transformer exploding?

so out here by my house it wasn't any more than a lot of wind and some rain, and i spent the day tracking the storm and monitoring wind speeds as compared to power outages in vermont. the winds we had were were sustained winds in the mid 20 MPH range and gusts over 30 MPH. down at the airport in burlington, it was less.

to put that into perspective for you, the places near the storm center experienced sustained winds in the mid 30 MPH range.

because i am a map nerd and love progression over time, i have taken the liberty of making a little video of two maps i was watching all day and here you have a time lapse of the roughly 13 most active hours of the storm here where i live.

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