Monday, October 22, 2012


tuesday my power inverter died.

this isn't particularly noteworthy. a good  one only lasts be about 18 months under the hard use i give them. i bought a new one up at triphammer mall at the closest store that i could get to.

wednesday the power cord to my computer died. i bought a new one. not the specific dell power cord, but a universal power cord. you know, because i can't get a "real" dell cord before i go home.

things with the new power inverter are not going well. i try to buy a better one but they don't have one, so i end up just returning it and using my backup, which is also inadequate.

thursday it becomes apparent to me that these items are just not going to work and i end up calling a different store to ask if they can help. they young lady i talk to is very lovely, but cannot help me. she tells me that in the morning their tech specialist will be in and that i should come in first thing and see what they can do.

so i do.

but it's after sunset now and i need to go get me some dinner and go out to my campsite, so tomorrow i will write and tell you what happened next.

and i tell you, i'm going to name NAMES.

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