Monday, October 29, 2012

eerily calm

yeah, i know this is going to publish later but right now it's sunday afternoon and the sky is blue with thin cloud cover coming in and there's not so much as a breeze but we know that tomorrow afternoon starting at about two o'clock it's going to be extremely windy as that monster storm passes its outer edges over us.

the  weatherman has suggested that we take screens off of our windows so i'll do that tomorrow morning. the thing about living here, right where i live and not two miles away is that i live right where the fot of the green mountains (bolton mountain in particular) meets the upper edge of the champlain valley and even when it's calm a few miles down the road it is WINDY here. this is where weather gets scraped off before it goes over the mountain.

when the wind comes here it sounds like a freight train coming up the valley and often in a storm you hear the noise of a gust several minutes before it gets here.

i've laid in gallons of water for when the power goes out. i have food and toilet paper. i have batteries and lights and firewood i can burn if i need. i have a single burner stove. it's going to be a day and a half of watching bits of people's houses blow by, but nothing like the worst of it.

modern weather forecasts are so accurate in terms of seeing storm possibilities days before they arrive. it's supposed to be a massive storm and it has huge potential to be disruptive, but the winds here won't be worse than we see in this neighborhood a few times a year. when our power goes down it probably won't be because our lines out here are down, but because other lines elsewhere are down.

often i watch this website because the power goes down here, but usually it goes back up pretty soon even though elsewhere it goes out and stays out.

i'll let you know how it goes.

some of you, i know, are right in the path of the thing when it makes landfall tomorrow afternoon.

good luck.

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