Sunday, October 07, 2012


this morning i woke up in brilliant sunlight in a campsite just outside speculator NY. on the news i heard about the NHL lockout.

really? you guys are having difficulty figuring out how to share 3.3 BILLION dollars? somehow i fail to feel any concern at all for you. you're idiots.

yesterday afternoon i was at a very fine geocache and i liked it especially because it's an old style cache, the kind where we go somewhere maybe a long way out of our way and don;t know what we'll see when we get there and we don't count on finding the thing, not even if the coordinates are good.

there's been a  trend in the sport in recent years to find as many caches as possible and as quickly, too, which means there's a rash of cheap caches in highway pullouts.

so i was on my way up this great trail yesterday to go look at some awesome ancient pine trees and i liked the location so much that i remember thinking maybe i wouldn't bother with the cache but then i couldn't find the cache so it was kind of sand in my craw.

and then i found the cheap throwdown.

another goofy practice that has developed is that often when people look for a few minutes and don;t find a cache, they either assume it's gone and toss down a cheap container and a few pages of post it notes and call it the cache and call it found.

alternately, they toss down the cheap container and then call it a new cache.

and i found just such a thing. it was clearly labeled as a geocache placed on october 4 2012 (you will remember that i am on a writing delay) and i thought: hey. that's today!

i redoubled my efforts to find the original container. i assumed it was hard to find and looked for it under that assumption. and i found it right where it should'a' been.


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