Thursday, October 11, 2012

i love this sign

this sign is posted on one of the buildings out here at the stillwater lot. it informs us that this parking lot is intended ONLY for use by people boating on the reservoir OR legally using the surrounding state lands.

i find it hard to believe that anyone would just come up here and leave a car since it's about eighteen hard miles from anywhere. granted, some people have camps out here, but really. those people have their own driveways, roads, and sometimes parking lots.

maybe it;s just a piggyback thing. maybe if they catch you doing illegal things on the surrounding state lands the tack this one on to your charges. it's nothing like a commuter lot, that's for sure.

well. it's sunny and thirty-eight degrees which meas it's time to go out and legally use the surrounding state lands.

1 comment:

GDad said...

It could also be a way to tack on some additional violations for car thieves who dump cars there. Don't know, though... not sure how the mind of a car thief works.


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