Friday, October 19, 2012

sick day

you know, i used to have an immune system that was sufficiently ironclad that i could eat off the floor in a public school. i maybe got a decent cold every two or three years, and any cold bad enough to cause me to notice knocked me flat back for days on end.

what i'm saying is i was disease resistant organism.

but these days i don't have a lot of contact with people and what contact i do have is mostly outdoors and lightly social, so it is maybe not a surprise that i spent two intensive days indoors closely packed with two hundred and fifty people who are all singing and crying and kissing and hugging and two days later i am knocked back on my ass so hard i can't get up.

but i'm CAMPING, see? and i'm eight hours from home.

this is how my day went:

wake up in the national forest.
roll over and sleep more.
drive into the nearest town,  and check email.
drive ten more miles to the nearest shopping mall to replace an important piece of equipment.
take a half hour nap.
find a geocache in the parking lot.
buy the thing.
have another nap.
go to a grocery store and buy lunch.
drive ten miles.
stop to check email.
eat lunch.
drive another five miles.
three hour nap.
go back into town for cold medicine. stop to check email on the way.
return to camp and sleep. (this last one is not yet accomplished)

why, you may ask, am i still camping? why do i not just go home?

for starters, i am eight hours' drive and i'm not the perkiest, most attentive driver. on top of that, yesterday i took my laundry in to be done and it won't be done until late tomorrow, too late to go home, which would have been awesome if i was simply going to keep camping until early next week.

maybe if i sleep enough i will feel better and want to stay and have the choice on thursday.

this afternoon it was temperate and sunny and foliage is beautiful and i slept through the whole thing, which i resent just a little. i am not enjoying my stay in the finger lakes national forest.

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