Saturday, October 20, 2012

uncommitted voters

i'm pretty sick of presidential politics. this is not a new condition for me. i am really, really sick of political theater mounted by rich bastards in the one dollar = one vote former republic and i do not know which thing outrages me more: the progressive erosion of constitutional rights and protections, the increasing rate of income equality, or the binding memorandum by the aforementioned rich bastards in the pockets of the corporations who agree among themselves that no voices beside theirs will be heard.

i am also outraged by the media coverage of the presidential debate and all this attention on undecided voters. this is perhaps the most polarized election of recent memory and there are still undecided voters?

who are these addlepated idiots? why is the media courting them? why do they have anything at all to say in the conversation?

long gone are the days when we might get intelligent questions from random voters about what candidates stand for, but instead what we have is one long parade of carefully cherrypicked nonquestions about nonissues while we all don't talk about things that might actually be important.

for instance, are you hearing a lot of crap about which candidate will get tough on china, because china owns too much US debt?

i heard an actual explanation about the real economics behind that and i'm all, like, what? why is this even a thing? this is just more camouflage and misdirection.

hellooooooo! poverty is on the rise. cost of living increases for medicare are tied to consumer prices on goods purchased by young people and do not include prescription drugs. corporations have huge bonuses written into tax code. police forces are being given increasing latitude to imprison citizens. the war is sending home veterans of whom 50% will have some kind of disability and their health care ALONE is going to cost 30 TRILLION dollars.

at this point in the race there should simply not be any undecided voters. everybody has had a lot of time to think about which candidate might possibly do the least damage to us while we're waiting for a real alternative or a revolution or armageddon or something.

if at this late date you have no opinion about all that you are an idiot and the media outlets need to stop talking to you.


i am now going to return to my previous position, which i like rather a lot.

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