Friday, October 12, 2012

improbably polite

vinny's pizza in croghan does not open until six o'clock. SIX! i am HUNGRY. i hiked and rode today and it was COLD and i need to eat. now. or soon.

second they open up, i am THERE.

nope, they're not open tonight.

so i got a pizza and a few things at the corner gas station, one of a chain. but it was supremely weird. i've been in a lot of convenience stores. and sometimes at convenience stores people are surly and sometimes they're polite.

but THESE people were really, really polite. unusually helpful and friendly. weirdly, happily polite.

i used the restroom and i was initially unimpressed with filthy appearance of the sink, until i noticed the small sign asking people to please excuse the appearance of the sink; it was the original sink belonging to the miller house that stood on that corner for over a hundred years.

so i gave it a second look. no amount of cleaning will make that sink LOOK clean, but knowing what it was made it beautiful.

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