Wednesday, October 17, 2012

shindagin hollow

it was a fun-filled day.

i woke up in the morning and took my sweet time packing up all my gear to move from the great indoors back to the forest.

i took my laundry to be done because i do not have  enough of certain kinds of clothing to last another week, plus my laundry bag is so full there's nowhere to put laundry. i'll pick it up wednesday (two days from now down your leg of the pants of time).

then i went out to the slaterville spring to fill my water bottles, which was on the way almost to shindagin hollow state forest, which is really where i was heading today to do some mountain biking.

i have to check my notes to tell you exactly where i rode if you care, but i rode a lot of the yellow trails down to the office chair trail and then down to an unmarked trail that brought me out near the brearly road parking and i rode all the way down the number six blue where i was feeling cocky about going over some obstacles and then suddenly didn't go over one and got covered with mud.

did you notice my use of the word "down" with regard to the trails? let's just say it was very climb-y on the way out and i actually rode the little thing called the bitch ditch and then found my way back to the car where i had to use nearly a gallon of water to wash the mud off and while i was at it i shaved.

you know, because if you're out in the woods, the first thing you do is wash up really well and get a good, clean shave.


Mad Jack said...

I don't quite understand, but that really isn't important. I'd like more photos.

See, I'm unable to mountain bike anywhere, there being no mountains in my vicinity.

flask said...

jack, i promise that later there will be more pictures.

as for mountains and mountain biking, i think we just call any off road bicycle a mountain bike. my bike is a bike suitable for cross country "all mountain" which means it has a medium weight suspension intended for aggressive trail riding but not full-on lift-served downhill.

shindagin hollow state forest has a lot of mountain bike trails in it, and they go up and down a thing called "bald hill". it is completely treed in and not very tall, but if you are going up it it feels plenty like a mountain.


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