Friday, June 28, 2013

enhanced map of sullivan campaign

i'm beginning to put together some notes about the sullivan campaign in 1779 central new york, because of course i can't just go out on a sunny day and visit some geocaches.

oh, no.

i have to do HOMEWORK.

i started with this at the point where i visited some roadside markers so then i had to take pictures to i could reread the texts and look up stuff when i get home.

you know, like you do.

so i took a photo of the nice cast bronze relief map because with all the wear of years it's hard to actually absorb the information and i've spent a pleasant morning adding color overlay to make it understandable so i can compare it to other maps i'm sure i'll find later.

woo, maps!

so here's my photo of the map

and here's my version with color overlay that lets you try to make sense of the huge amount of information they tried to cram into a bronze bas relief.

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