Monday, June 17, 2013

pavement markings

on june 3d some interesting pavement markings appeared near my home. i didn't see them get painted, but they weren't there sunday evening and they were there tuesday morning so i'm guessing they were painted on monday sometime.

they look like a thing that might mark an intersection, but there's not even a driveway nearby.

and then i was on my way out and i noticed a second identical mark had also just appeared similarly out on brown's trace.

and the two markings, while identical, are in two different towns.

so it's not a road crew thing. and it's not for measuring speed, because it would need another mark on the same road, yes?


i like a mystery.

so i marked them with my GPS. the only reason i can think of for these things to be on the pavement is maybe some kind of aerial viewing placeholder, which makes me kind of uncomfortable.

it's not too farfetched an idea, though, because if you look at a map,  the two points just happen to square up pretty well with the eastern and western boundaries of a local military installation, if you were looking to place your markers on a flat area of paved road.

you could get closer to the actual boundaries of the range on a paved road, but if these things are some kind of marker meant for aerial viewing maybe there are markers on the OTHER side of the range that will make sense and have some kind of symmetry to them.

of COURSE i'm going to go look.

you know, because.

pavement markings.



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GDad said...

I have not seen the L-shaped marks in my state, but I have seen ones that look like big plus-signs, where each arm is about two feet long. I spoke to a road worker, and I *think* I remember that they were aerial viewing markers for one thing or another.

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