Monday, June 03, 2013

life in clippings: what the....?

ok. maybe you want to get out a pencil and paper so you can make a little diagram.

later on i will show you my diagram, but we are still a few days out from that.

i kept seeing articles in which harry mintz, attorney and teacher, of binghamton (NOT harry mintz, attorney, son of ben the clothing store owner) is a relation of ben.

and they all seem to be intertwined and i KNOW it's a close relationship just from the frequency these people overlap.

but i can NOT make sense of it.

ben's wife is named rachel and she was born in 1857.

harry's mother is named rachel and she was born in 1854.

harry has two brothers, hiram and jacob.

hiram, jacob, and harry are all buried with their mother (rachel) and father (ephriam) in binghamton.

ben is buried in syracuse.

ben's son aaron has a daughter named ruth who is a niece of hiram.

harry is ben's brother.

ben's children are buried in ithaca.

now who lives in the yellow house?

here's my working solution:

ben is buried in syracuse with his wife (1857 rachel) and mother. ben's mother is ephriam's FIRST wife. harry, hiram, and jacob are ben's HALF brothers, and ruth is hiram's GREAT niece.

i can't prove this puppy beyond all doubt, but it is the simplest explanation for the facts that i know.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

"ben's wife is name racher and his mother is named rach and he has two brother....This sounds like one of those horrible math questions, if the train was going to south port at 24mph and .....


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