Thursday, June 27, 2013

go back where you came from

dear world citizen,

it has come to our attention that you are currently occupying land that may have been acquired by aggression or subterfuge by you or your ancestors, either directly or by proxy.

if you are living on land that at any time has been occupied by other persons or has at any time been the territorial holding of another nation or tribe, you will need to provide documentation as to how you came to be in possession or occupation of that land.

if for any reason you are unable to provide documentation that you or your ancestors, either directly or by proxy, did not acquire this land through aggression or subterfuge, you will be relocated.

according to the World Equity Land Holding order, all persons who can document that they are living on land gained legitimately by original occupation, or peaceful and equitable trade and having displaced no persons in order to exercise that claim at any time may retain such lands as they occupy.

all other lands will be cleared and opened to relocation of the New Displaced.

if you are displaced and you can show claim to a Land of Return, you may be assigned a place according to your Land Equity Score, which will be weighted on factors including but not limited to:

  • the number of persons, groups, or nations you or your ancestors have displaced in person or by proxy
  • the number of times you or your ancestors have been displaced yourselves
  • the degree to which other groups, tribes, or nations have been welcome to live freely within your borders
if you can show that you or your ancestors were relocated forcibly to land you occupy, the cost for both your displacement and the cost of displacement of any people already on that land will be borne by any party or parties that can be shown to be responsible for your displacement(s).

after such time as the Lands of Return are occupied in descending order according to Positive Land Equity Scores of the New Displaced, any remaining parcels will we distributed among those persons with Negative Land Equity Scores.

it will not be the concern of the World Equity Land Holding Board to make certain that such parcels are properly fitted with arable lands or fresh drinking water, but shall be the sole concern of the New Displaced.

thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you or your descendants, either directly or by proxy.

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