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soldiers' lots

in a lot of cemeteries there's one lot set aside for the burial of indigent solders and sailors and sometimes their comrades who wished to be buried among soldiers.

there are two soldier's lots in the ithaca city cemetery and i was on my way back from sort of meeting some people but while i was on my way up looking at mr. fralick and the mintzes (do i need to give you a link at this point?) i thought i'd just stroll by the soldiers' lot on my way back down to my car.

it isn't by any means a careful cataloging; i simply don't have the time or inclination to research the full biography or even the service record of every veteran whose grave i pass.

and yet i wish to recognize something about each of these people and take a moment to notice that they once walked the earth and breathed like me.

so a representative sample, then. i will pick some at random and call their names and learn a little of their time on this earth.

i'm struggling at the moment organizing my thoughts about this handful of men from the two soldiers' lots. it's different, looking at civil war graves not from vermont. vermont men mostly served with the vermont regiments. our men mostly went into regiments that fed the two vermont infantry brigades.

in our hill cemeteries our civil war veterans for the most part served in vermont brigades and that's that.

in the ithaca city cemetery, they were local boys serving new york regiments mostly, but more so here than in the smaller central new york towns, the civil war veterans served so many units! they were cavalry, a bunch of them. and they fought with units from wisconsin and massachusetts. and they served in colored units, both infantry and cavalry.

they're all dead the same, though.

civil war:

IMG_01956th NY heavy artillery:

SWARTWOUT, AUGUSTUS J. — Private, Fourteenth Artillery;
transferred to Co. B, Sixth Artillery, May 10, 1864; wounded,
July 30, 1864, in front of Petersburg, Va.; discharged for disability, June 6, 1S65, at Satter

IMG_01802d NY cavalry (provisional):

BROWER, WILLIAM H. ~ Age, I8 years. Enlisted, September
16,1863, at Ithaca; mustered in as private, Go. K, Fifteenth New
York Cavalry, October 3,1863, to serve three years; transferred
to Co. G, October, 1863; transferred, June 17, 1865, to Co. G,
this regiment; mustered out, September 8, 1865, at Elmira,
N. Y.

IMG_01795th NY cavalary:

CULVER , LEWIS I [sic].—Age, 21 years. Enlisted, August 17,
1864, at Lisle; mustered in as private, Co. O, August 17,
1861, to serve one year; wounded twice; mustered out with
detachment, June 15, 1865, at Staunton, Va


21st NY cavalry:

STEVENS, CHARLES.—Age, 29 years. Enlisted, December 30,
1863, at Dryden; mustered in as private, Co. F, December 30,
1863, to serve three years; transferred, September 9, 1865, to
Co. G; mustered out with company, June 29, 1866, at Denver,
Colorado Territory.

IMG_01851st NY dragoons:
CRAWFORD , HENRY.—Age , 44 years. Enlisted, July 26, 1862,
at Mount Morris, N . Y. ; mustered in as private, Co. B, August
8,1862, to serve three years; mustered out with company, June
30,1865, at Clouds Mills, Va. ; also borne as Henry Crouford.

Henry Crawford Saw Service With
the First Regiment of New York
Volunteers—lifelong Resident.
Henry Crawford, a long-time restdent of Ithaca and a veteran of the
Civil war, died Saturday, aged. 83
years. He whs a member of Company B, First regiment, New York
State Volunteers.
He is survived by one daughter,
Mrs. William M. Seamon of No. 307
East Tompkins- street. Death was
the result oif complications due to advanced age.
The funeral will probably be held
from Mrs. Seamon's residence.

IMG_01895th MA cavalry (colored):

price, adam

The home of Adam Price at No.
 114 Fifth street was partially destroyed by fire shortly after 6 o'clock
yesterday afternoon (ithaca daily news, september 15, 1900)

Davjd Barnard. Riley Updike. arid
Adam Price returned  this morning
from the G. A. R. encampment at
Washington. Emerson Spicer of Trumansbarg also returned . with the
party. The quartet, by leaving Washington ahead of the regular scedule
avoided the crush of the regular trains (ithaca daily news, october 1902)

RECALL LEE'S SURRENDER (ithaca daily news, april 1905)

A special meeting of Sidney post
G. A. R. will be held at 8 o'clock tonight to make arrangements to attend'
the funeral of the late Adam Price (ithaca daily news, october 4, 1905)

The funeral of Adam Price was
held today at 3 o'clock, the Rev. T.
A. Auten officiating.' Sydney post, GAR
attended in a body and gave a
flower banner in the colors of the
 American flag. The Masonic order
sent a wreath and the colored band
an anchor. (ithaca daily news, october 6, 1905)

11th PA cavalry:

Thompkins, William, Private,
Captured at Petersburg, Va., June 9, 1864; discharged by General Order, June 21, 1865; Vet

IMG_01871st wisconsin cavalry:

Miller, Hiram H discharged may 27 1865

IMG_020232d NY infantry:

WHITE , THOMAS.—Age, 21 years. Enlisted, May 7, 1861, at • 
Ithaca, to serve two years; mustered in as private, Oo. I, May 
31, 1861; mustered out with company, June 9, 1863, at New 
York city, as Thomas B. White. 

Memorial Services Held at the First
M. E. Church -Addresses of
Rev. W.H.York and Col. 
T. B. White. (ithaca daily news, january 30, 1890)

OLD SOLDIERS WILL TAKE A HAND (oswego daily times, october 18, 1890)

For some- time it has beln reported
around this city that "Colonel" Thomas
B. White has been threatening to desert
the republican party (oswego daily times, october 24, 1891)

Col. White in Syracuse.
Attorney Thomas B. White, formerly J>fcthis eityvaddressed a meeting
of the Builders'and Traders' Exchange,
Syracuse, last evening. The subject
upon which Colonel White talked interestingly was: "The Builder, the
Builded and the Lien Law." Colonel
White is now a resident of Syracuse (oswego daily palladium, april 30, 1892)

In his place
Colonel Thomas B. White, of Ithaca, was
secured. Colonel White is In magnificent
voice, and with tears In his eyes told of
the passing away of many veterans who
had formerly gathered at the encampment. (rochester democrat and chronicle, august 21, 1901)

Well-known llhaca Orator Warmly
Greeted At 8odas EncampmentNoted As A Speaker. (ithaca daily news, august 20, 1902)

Colonel Thomas B, White. 
Ithaca, N. Y , Dec. 27.—Colonel Thomas
Benton White, a veteran of the Civil war,
died to-day, aged 6o. He enlisted when the
war broke out and at the age of [unreadable] was
breveted colonel for bravery. Colonel White
was a lawyer and had practiced ia Oswego
and syracuse. He was well known throughout the state aa a Republican orator. (rochester democrat and chronicle, december 28, 1902)

IMG_018265th NY infantry:
SIMPSON , DECATUR. — Age, 30 years. Enlisted at Ithaca,
to serve three years, and mustered in as private, Co. D, July
20, 1861; promoted corporal, October, 1861; returned to ranks,
no date; re-enlisted as a veteran, December 26, 1863; transferred to Co. F, September 1, 1864; mustered out with company, July 17, 1865, at Halls Hill, Va.

Decatur Simpson got drunk on the 8th
October, was in the lockup over Sunday
and fined ten dollars ou Monday.  (the local democrat, november 1857)

Decatur Simpson.
Decatur Simpson, a veteran of the
Civil War, died at the residence of
David Letts on Brindley Street at noon
today. He leaves a nephew, Thaddeus
Stevens of Syracuse. The funeral will
be held at the Inlet Mission at 2
o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Burial will
be in the City Cemetery. (ithaca daily news, january 30, 1909)

IMG_019397th NY infantry:

PERRY , ELI—Age , 28 years. Enlisted at Hornby, to serve
three years, and mustered in as private, Co. B, July 17, 1863;
mustered out with company, July 18, 1865, near Washington,
D. C.

IMG_0181143d NY infantry:
STEVENS, LEWIS.—Age , 31 years. Enlisted, August 16, 1862,
at Ithaca, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. D,
October 8, 1862; mustered out with company, July 20, 1865, at
Washington, D. C.


179th Ny infantry:

RYERSON , JAMES C—Age, 26 years. Enlisted, August 13,
1864,, at Ithaca, to serve one year; mustered in as private, Co. 
I, September 13, 1864; mustered out with company, June 8,
1865, near Alexandria, Va.

IMG_01908th regiment, United States Colored Troop:

sylvester suzey, Substitute; mustered out with Company, November 10, 1865

Help Tommy Ray!  (geneva gazette 1894)

Vet Suzey had fourteen chickens
stolen from his coop last Saturday night. (ithaca daily news, decemer 16, 1899)

Vet Suzey fell from a step ladder
yesterday afternoon while washing the
ceiling in the Windsor cafe on North
Cayuga street. He landed squarely on
his head but was not seriously hart. He
said to a reporter that if he had struck
his shins there would have been one lets
"coon" in the city. (ithaca daily news january 24, 1900)

A lively debate was held last evening at the A. M. E. Zion chutch on
the question, "Resolved, That the negro of this country should migrate to
The debaters -were the Messrs.
Suzey and Green-for the affirmative,
against Messrs. Woodson and Terry,
who supported the negative. They
manifested their convictions in an interesting and entertaining manner.
The judges declared the debate a
draw, much to the satisfaction ot the
audience. (ithaca daily news, may 1904)

i wonder why mr. suzey, an owner of property and involved member of his community would debate the affirmative in sending black people "back" to africa, but the more clippings i read, the more obvious it becomes that mr. suzey is accomplished in debate and is called upon to speak at many organized adjudicated events.

Colored Orators Will Argue Question
at Catholic Fair Tonight—Man
Valuable Prizes Awarded (ithaca daily news 1904)

Sylvester T.Suzey. 
Sylvester Thomas Suzey, Colored,
familiarly known as '.'Vet," died at
his home, 119 Wheat street, at 7 am.
 from general debility. He Was 73
ysars' of age, and had lived In this
city for 40 years.
Suzey was a member of-Company
B, Eighth regiment of colored troops
in the Civil war. He is survived by
his wife, Lucy, and oaf daughter,
Mrs. Niola Whitley of Boise, Idaho.
The funeral will be held Monday
afternoon at 3 o'clock (ithaca daily new january 11, 1908)

Sylvester T. Suzey.
The funeral of Sylvester T. Suzey
was held this afternoon from his residence in Wheat street, and later from
the A. M. B, Zion church,, the Rev. T.
A. Auten officiating. Interment was
made in the City cemetery. (ithaca daily news, january 13, 1908)

IMG_018426th Regiment, United States Colored Troops:

Waters, William


claude d. schrauger

this division got all trained and equipped and had its orders to go to europe but then the armistice was signed.


77th infantry division, 302d ammunition train:

Morris Cornell has returned, honorably discharged from overseas service. (ithaca daily news,june 2, 1919)

there is little record of mr. cornell, but there is a great collection of letters from another man in his unit and if you want to have an idea what his service was like, i recommend you go read those.

and last:


fold up the banners
smelt the guns
love rules.

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