Sunday, June 09, 2013

living descendants

i am not yet down writing about the mintzes.  i'm mostly done, but i'm wrapping up the details of my picture of who they were.

you know, because i happened to have been walking by that one grave on a saturday afternoon.

but that one guy wasn't a tidy little picture. THERE WAS A TON OF STUFF TO READ! and as i kept learning about the family, i kept having questions.

and if you can't for instance, figure out where jay went after he graduated from cornell or how exactly harry is related to ben, you just start pushing outward on the things you DO know, looking for clues.

and the clues i found led me right to living descendants of lawrence and lionel. original ben.

i wrote to them best i could. had to log into facebook to do it.

hi, i'm a total stranger and i have spent two weeks of my life researching your family, just for giggles. if these are your people, please write back. i want to share with you what i know.

i don't know if they will think i am a crackpot or a blackmailer or a genealogy-for-hire cold caller or what, but at this point i probably know more than any person living on this planet about this particular branch of their family and i believe they ought to have all the links to the files and the junior sleuthing i did because they're kin.

i have not heard from them yet.


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