Tuesday, June 04, 2013

live news!


it's a brood II year, which means i have a chance of going somewhere i can see them.

i am waiting (im)patiently, checking the live map every day to see if there are reports of the emergence coming far enough north for me to go.

i figure i need them to come as far north as bennington sort of, so i can stay on a campsite down there.

but there's a map!

did i mention a LIVE UPDATING MAP????


*hops up and down with excitement*


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You big nut job!!

Sightings? You want sightings? Come for a visit. They are EVERYWHERE. Big red eyes big wings and louder than one can even imagine a critter to be. Dead ones all over my patio daily. My sidewalks, my driveway, i mean everywhere. ICK!!!

So come on over. I'll make you some homemade lemonade and you can be in Cicada heaven my dear.

flask said...

that sounds AWESOME.

i am still hoping to be able to see them without having to go more than five hours drive from home.

i admit, thought, that the whole thing sounds WAY more better if i can visit it for a few days instead of having to live in the middle of it for the six weeks the brood will be above ground.

but still.

periodic cicadas are amazing.'
and did you know that scentists think that it's not an accident that their life spans are prime numbers?

ahhh! ahhh! geek pleasure overload!

maps! entomology! periodicity! prime numbers!


*slumps over in chair*

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I thought you may enjoy this.

flask said...

yes, thank you.

i did see it last week, because of course i search daily for news of the cicadas.



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